Authentic! Delicious! Tempting!

Fresh Sushi Pho

We are proud to be the pioneers of best Vietnamese sandwiches in Tucson! Using our delicious recipes going back generations, we work hard to bring authentic Vietnamese food at vying prices to Tucson.

Fresh Sushi Pho’s kitchen benefits from the skills and knowledge of veteran cooks who have secured the stoves at best Vietnamese restaurants for several years.

While our management team has had comprehensive experience in the industry, having worked and trained at various arenas, from casual dining places to best sushi restaurants, and are here to make sure that our customers receive an exquisite level of services.

Our concept has emerged after responding and listening to our customers’ demands and needs, and our urge to satisfy our customers has led us to provide great healthy Vietnamese cuisine at great value.

You’ll find that our service is brisk but consistent at our peak hours, providing you less time waiting and more time to enjoy your delicious tuna tataki. So even if the queue goes long, you recognize that you will not have to wait too long to get your hands on our foods. Evenings is a time to loosen up and wind down with pals and family, so our service is laid back but still conscientious.

Vietnamese food is full of flavor, color and love. It is tasty, healthy and packed with character! Our objective is to present the tastiest, freshest, best value Vietnamese food to the people of Tucson.